REDKITE Self Awareness Workshops


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THERE’S NOTHING more empowering than knowledge.  Family beliefs, cultural and social experiences/understanding often shape our idea of what is ‘OK’ and what isn’t ‘OK’.  Sometimes, what you think is ‘normal’ behaviour may be just that for the individual but when looking from a different perspective, what’s ‘OK’ can be something totally different.   What type of behaviours are acceptable and what aren’t and how much do people know about defending themselves in situations that may take a turn for the worse?

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Many people will be lucky enough to go through life without experiencing any serious negative physical or emotional abuse but people generate new relationships all the time and any new relationship can bring many happy times but sometimes some confusing or upsetting times as well.  Cultures and societies have generated rules and principles that can make things a little more challenging to the modern-day woman.  Whilst the UK is highly advanced in promoting equality in women’s issues and opportunities are available to so many, there are still steps to be taken to assure women can live safely and to their full potential.  We feel there’s no better way to encourage this than learning about this yourself.

Redkite offer a three hour workshop (approx) the majority of which focuses on simple defence techniques whilst covering explanations of minimal force and what that means with regards to defending yourself.  We also cover issues such as domestic violence, self respect and social media pressures for young women and girls.


Though the topic is serious, we aim to ensure that the participants have fun, feel comfortable and able to debate and discuss the issues whilst getting involved in some simple yet effective defence moves.  


THE WORKSHOP is aimed at women and girls from the age of 11 with no upper limit.  The techniques can be altered to cater for people with disabilities or physical limitations so anybody who wants to join in, can do.  Though the course is specifically aimed at women it could also be delivered to mixed groups as much of the information shared would be relevant to both genders.  We are happy to discuss your thoughts and try and work out a way to deliver a programme that suits the needs of your specific group.


Some issues for debate:


  • Is having your bum pinched in a Night Club by a stranger OK?

  • Is it OK for your partner to tell you what you should wear?

  • Is it your duty to have sex with your partner/husband/wife?

  • Is it OK to send your partner sexy pictures of yourself for fun?

  • Your mum/dad scares you when they get mad with you and smashes things up but doesn’t hit you anymore.  Is that domestic abuse?

  • I want a job but my partner won’t let me.  Is that domestic abuse?

Understanding What’s OK

and What Isn’t

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To download a brochure please click on the image above.